IOM NCore 250 stereo xlr

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A compact stereo amplifier using Hypex, N-Core Class D amplification. It delivers a stunning 2 x 250W. It uses balanced female XLR inputs.

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The IOM NCore® Pro is a high-end stereo power amplifier. It’s housed in a compact full aluminium chassis. It uses balanced female XLR’s for input.

High-end audio quality is guaranteed by using a premium Hypex, NCore® driven amplifier, the NC252MP, capable of delivering 2 x 250W class D power into a 4 Ohm speaker. The amplifier module  has an on board efficient power supply.

This amplifier is also available with unbalanced cinch/RCA inputs here.

Additional information

Weight 2.600 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 5.5 cm
Amplifier module

Hypex NC252MP

Output power

2 x 250W into 4 Ohm
2 x 130W into 8 Ohm

Standby power


On power

8,5W (power-on, no audio)

Mains voltage

230V/115V auto switching


1 x IOM NCore amplifer
1 x Mains powercable (EU)


Silver, Black

4 reviews for IOM NCore 250 stereo xlr

  1. Theo Mulder

    I have replaced my Denon integrated amplifier (16.5 kg) and CD player with a decent D/A Converter that doubles as a pre-amplifier and an IOM NCore Pro power amp (2 x 250W, balanced XLR inputs).

    Ordering was smooth, fast, simple and personal and the amp arrived in a very well packed box. The unit is small, looks nice and is screwed together very well from high quality aluminium pieces.

    As described in many other reviews of the Hypex modules, I am impressed by the combination of detail in the middle and high frequencies and the control in the low frequencies. It’s like putting on my glasses when I get up in the morning: I hear the same familiar music but with much more resolution. Low frequency is also very good: gone is the booming bass that I had always attributed to the placement of my speakers. With the increased resolution, the sound stage has also improved.

  2. CT (verified owner)

    I just received the Ncore Pro Amp and connected it with IFI Pro IDSD immediately. I am using Raspberry Pi3 B+ as streamer connected with SSD. When I played first song, I am very surprised what I have heard, the background is very black, the huge sound stage, the low THD provided a sound of high fidelity. The guitar, violin and vocal are vivacious. The bass is deep and like a rock. I can’t say this amp is sweet or warm, but it just made me to feel what is refreshing. Before this amp, I used Nuprime ST-10 that is also a class D amp. It is no doubt it has been beaten by IOM Ncore Pro Amp. Furthermore the price is just 1/2 of ST-10.

  3. Bruno Z (verified owner)

    Super happy with that amp. Very nice solid build, flawless support, I can wholeheartedly recommend IoM to anybody looking for a nCore amp, especially compact ones. Worthy of note that IoM is fully supported by Hypex.
    Got one of these NC252MP amps for general HiFi usage, I like it so much that I will get a second one for music making duties, to power my monitoring speakers. At this price it is an impossibly good bargain.

  4. René V.

    Owning a number of well known amplifiers and having critically listened to quite a few more I have learned to appreciate the differences in sound quality amplifiers can offer. However, listening to the IOM Ncore Pro I was struck by the utter realism it offered. A realism way better than what I have heard in any other amplifier.

    So how does it sound? In one word: neutral. The word ‘neutral’ might suggest a sound that is boring or dull, but actually it is the other way around: the NCore Pro brings you as close as possible to the excitement of a live performance. A huge sound stage, lots of detail, very dynamic, a tight bass, always in full control of the speakers.

    Highly recommended!

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