New Shipper

To speed up the delivery of the ordered amps we have chosen a new shipper: UPS. They are fast! We shipped and amplifier from the Netherlands to Germany within 21 hours…

New amplifier with volume control

New product alert! We have released a new amplifier: a complete integrated solution for you hifi needs: the i250.

The i250 is a 2 x 250W stereo NCore amplifier with volume control and 3 switchable inputs. All inputs are balanced XLR.

It is available in the shop for the introductory price of € 650 including VAT (or € 537 ex. VAT).

Black enclosures out of stock

We are out of black enclosures at the moment and our new batch hasn’t arrived yet. There has been a delay at the factory but they should arrive very soon.
It’s still possible to place an order. As soon as the enclosures arrive we’ll send the amp(s) your way.

Back in stock

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to announce almost all our amplifiers are back in stock. We are still waiting for the stereo 250W modules but they should be available later this month (May). The housings are only available in black and please note that everything is available in limited quantities at the moment.

We also have a new flagship model in the works which will be available very soon.

Corona Virus

Due to the Corona virus the anodising factory we use for our cases is still closed. Our black versions are out of stock. A few weeks ago we ordered a new batch but this order will take a while to arrive. March 1 the factory will start again.

We have still some silver coloured housings in stock. Update March 3: also gone…