Since a lot of our amp lovers asks for a pre-amp, we are working on it right now: the IOM Control.

When we started developing the pre-amp and after a lot of testing we came to the conclusion that active components introduced coloration and some distortion. That did not meet our requirements; to develop amplifiers with a high quality level. So we opted for no active components (tubes or transistors) in the signal path and it proved the way to go.

As result we release end of May our IOM Control; a pre-amp with unrivalled transparency enable you to enjoy the original recording without coloration, noise or distortion. Early birds will receive 10% discount, so keep in touch.

IOM 500s

Finally the 500s is available again! We have not been idle in the meantime: the buffer board has been renewed with easily accessible gain settings.

Bluesound node

Not real news but maybe an idea for customers who have a Bluesound streamer: the IOM ncore amplifier fits quit nicely with this Bluesound node streamer, see picture in our shop. Silver or black? You choose.

Classic with MP board

Lot’s of people liked the Classic but did not want to go for the highest quality (and so more expensive) hypex OEM board. That’s why we made a more cost friendly Classic based on the hypex MP-boards. Now in the shop in silver & black!