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Welcome to ‘Internet Of Music!’

We specialize in high-end Class-D audio solutions for the digital age. All our amplifiers are based around the Hypex NCore® modules such as the NC252MP and the NCx500oem.

How to choose your amp; range build up:

IOM Ncore

Our range is starting with an amplifier named IOM NcoreA basic but high quality stereo 250W amplifier with RCA or XLR inputs. Volume control is done by controlling the level of the input signal: it has a fixed gain.

IOM v250

Next product is the IOM v250 same as the above described amplifier but now with (passive) volume control. This stereo amplifier can be fed with all 100% of your input signal (no information loss); the total gain, thus volume, is hardware controlled via a big knob on the front. Available with RCA or XLR inputs.

IOM i250

For users who prefer more inputs we developed the IOM i250. This is a stereo integrated amplifier with 3 RCA inputs, channel selection is done via a big knob on the front. Same volume control as the ‘v250′. Only available with RCA inputs (no XLR) because of the compact housing.

IOM 500m

An amplifier IOM 500m based on the NC502mp board: a stereo amplifier of 2x500W with integrated power supply. Because it is a large board we applied our custom made big housing. Double inputs (RCA/XLR) standard on board. For customers who don’t want any on and off switching sounds we developed an optional relay board: the speakers are connected with a small delay after the amplifier is switched ON and when the amplifier is turned OFF the first thing that will happen is disconnecting the speakers.

IOM 500 mono

For people who only want the best we have the IOM 500. This is a hypex NCx500-based monoblock (for stereo you need 2). The best of the best in class D.

IOM 500 stereo

We also have a stereo version based on the hypex NCx500oem-boards: the IOM 500s. This is a hypex NCx500-based stereo version with seperate power supply and our in house developed buffer board with very nice power supplies on board. Swapping to opamps of your choice is easy, just plug & play.