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A compact stereo amplifier using Hypex, N-Core Class D amplification. It delivers a stunning 2 x 250W and is available with balanced female XLR inputs or unbalanced RCA inputs.


The IOM NCore® is a high-end stereo 2*250W power amplifier. It is housed in a compact black chassis made off 5mm & 6mm thick full aluminum sheets. At the front an on/off switch with white LED ring light is mounted.

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High-end audio quality is guaranteed by using a premium Hypex, NCore® driven amplifier, the NC252MP, capable of delivering 2 x 250W class D power into a 4 Ohm speaker. The amplifier module has an integrated efficient power supply.

Product information NC252MP:

The NC252MP amplifier module incorporates a low power standby power supply (meets 2013 ERP Lot 6 0.5W requirements), a highly efficient switch mode power supply and a high-performance Class D amplifier in one compact and easily applicable power brick.

The amplifier used in the NC252MP is a self-contained high-performance class D amplifier intended for a wide range of audio applications, ranging from public address systems to ultrahigh-fidelity replay systems for studio and home use. Chief distinguishing features are flat frequency response irrespective of load impedance, nearly frequency independent distortion behaviour and very low radiated and conducted EMI.  Control is based on a phase shift controlled self-oscillating loop taking feedback only at the speaker output.

The main SMPS providing the power for the amplifier is a compact, high power, highly efficient, regulated half bridge converter with synchronous rectification on the main output rails. These properties make this technology  ideal for powering Class D audio amplifiers.


  • High efficiency
  • Universal mains operation
  • Flat, fully load-independent frequency response
  • Low output impedance
  • Very low, frequency-independent THD
  • Very low noise

Audiophonics MPA-S250NC RCA Amplificateur Stéréo Class D NCore 2x250W 4 Ohm


The amplifier is standard fitted with as well balanced XLR (Neutrik) as unbalanced RCA inputs and also high quality binding posts.

An on-board 4V-12V trigger function is standard on board for easy switch on/off via your preamplifier (when this has a trigger output).

  • This product is made/assembled & shipped within 1 week after ordering. Pls. send an email when you need it faster.
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Additional information

Weight 2.600 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 5.5 cm
Amplifier module

Hypex NC252MP


black, silver


Balanced (XLR) & unbalanced (RCA)

Output power

2 x 250W into 4 Ohm
2 x 150W into 8 Ohm

Standby power


On power

8,5W (power-on, no audio)

Trigger input

standard on board

Mains voltage

230V/115V auto switching


1 x IOM NCore amplifer
1 x Mains powercable (EU)

14 reviews for IOM NCore

  1. Henry

    Thank you very much.

    It really is a super device and very professionally made – like a Swiss chronometer 🙂

    All the best,
    Henry from Switzerland

  2. PM (verified owner)

    The amplifier arrived safely; the box looked like it went through some bad treatment 😁 but it sounds awesome.

    I am not sure how you just do this since, from what I sense, you just use the NCore amplifier module and case it. Maybe you add your personal circuits before you feed the signal into the NCore module. Regardless of what you do, this little amplifier is amazing for the money or for any money.

    Great job! and well done!


  3. Raimond G.

    Wat een kracht! Ik heb er PMC LB1’s aanhangen. Voorheen gepowered door een oude Yamaha MX50 amp.
    Binnen zeer korte tijd was ik overtuigd: geweldige amp! De transmissie lijn van deze LB1’s hebben namelijk power en snelheid nodig om het laag te verplaatsen. Een wereld van verschil nu, mijn oude PMC’s komen nu pas tot leven. Ook erg stil… Mijn complimenten!

  4. Jos G.

    Na minder dan een jaar opnieuw een Ncore aangeschaft om aan een RME DAC te hangen en dat via USB-C wegens geen andere manier voorhanden op de Mac.

    Snelheid is 32bit/96Khz, meer dan voldoende voor ‘mancave’-gebruik. M’n oudere oren maken ‘medium equalising’ nodig.

    Helaas decodeert Apple’s ‘Music’ en of iTunes nog altijd geen flacs.
    Hoe lang gaat dat nog duren?

    After less than a year, I bought another Ncore to connect an RME DAC through USB-C because of no other way available on the Mac.

    Speed is 32bit/96Khz, more than enough for ‘mancave’ use. My older ears make ‘medium equalisation’ necessary.

    Unfortunately, Apple’s ‘Music’ and or iTunes still doesn’t decode flacs.
    How long will that take?

  5. Max (verified owner)

    The shipment took a little longer than desired due to a problem with the postal service but with the help of Sipko everything was resolved happily.

    The amplifier is now installed and working perfectly. The improvement over my previous amplifier is significant and now the only thing left is to enjoy the music 🙂

  6. NH (verified owner)

    Dank voor de snelle levering.
    Toen ik het ordernummer zag wist ik al dat dit goed moest gaan, het is nl mijn geboortejaar.
    Inmiddels de versterker ontvangen en aangesloten, een dergelijk groot verschil had ik niet verwacht!
    Het stereo beeld is van een ongekend niveau.

  7. Daniel

    Net een IOM NCore gekocht bij Sipko, omdat ik zijn uitvoering van de behuizing veel mooier vindt dan van vergelijkbare aanbieders. Daarnaast was er prettige communicatie en konden de wijzigingen aan het uiterlijk (voetjes en powerknop) die ik wilde snel worden uitgevoerd. Ook de aftersales service is prima. Ik had nog wat vragen en die werden lekker snel en bevredigend beantwoord. En nu maar lekker naar muziek luisteren ;).

  8. JG

    nCore is aangekomen en op een wip geïnstalleerd. Super geluid voor m’n oude oren. FLACs via een Synology NAS naar de AppleTV en dan optisch verder naar de DAC en vervolgens analoog naar de eindversterker. Op de RME DAC zit een weinig equalising aan de hand van een audiogram dat ik om de paar jaar laat maken. De concertzaal blijft de referentie maar voor de huiskamer is deze opstelling niet te verbeteren. Nu nog digitale oren …

  9. Willem van der Gugten

    I have the IOM NCore (RCA) for almost two month now, and I am very happy with it.
    Its size is very practical and it looks great (in black), and even during the warm summer this year the temperature was never an issue.

    I always had the feeling that our NAD D3045 integrated amp did not get the most out of our Dynaudio Emit 30 speakers (4 Ohm, 87dB sensitivity), and I was right: IOM gives much more detail, better bass and dynamics. A much more pleasant sound, highly recommended.

    (The NAD was used as a pre-amp in the new setup, but broke down for some reason. Now I am using a Schiit SYS as pre-amp until the NAD is back from the repair shop.)

    Greetings from Amsterdam!

    The (main) setup: Allo USBridge Signature streamer / Topping E30 DAC / Schiit SYS / IOM NCore / Dynaudio Emit 30 speakers.

  10. Andrew D (verified owner)

    First impression, aesthetics:

    The amp is absolutely beautiful in silver. Brings a classic vibe to the wonderfully simple modern design. The thick aluminum case brings a sturdy and robust feel to the compact unit.

    First impression, listening:

    Clean, clear power with zero noise/hiss. Effortless bass, transparent. Reference quality sound.

    Thank you, Sipko, you have provided the market with a high quality audio product for an honest price!

  11. Cor van de Graaf (verified owner)

    Translation: I have the amplifier for 1 month now. What a machine! It has replaced my Rotel RB 1070. What a dynamics and details. I use it as power amplifier directly connected to a Bluesound node N130. Personally I think a NAD M10 has quit a challenge to beat my equipment. Top amplifier!

    Versterker heb ik nu een maand. Wat een machine! Hij heeft mijn Rotel RB 1070 vervangen. Wat een dynamiek en detail. Ik gebruik hem als eindversterker direct aan een Bluesound node N130. Persoonlijk denk ik dat een NAD M10 nog een hele kluif heeft aan mijn opstelling. Top versterker!

  12. Stewart (verified owner)

    Hello Sipko and everyone,

    The amp is amazing!
    I’m very impressed with its clarity, power, and lack of perceptible noise or distortion.
    Also, the build is very simple and solid.
    Thank you for making products like this!


  13. Matthijs

    It keeps amazing me: so much power and control from such a small box. The soundstage is very wide and clear, and there is detail galore to enjoy. I am hearing all sorts of little sounds and colours in my music I did not hear before (and my Rotel was no slouch at that).
    The sound is spacious and very neutral, without being harsh or ‘dead’. This little amplifier is fast, clear as a bright winters day and goes deep. Its authority over the lower octaves is phenomenal.
    Don’t forget to give it some burn-in time. After a few days of use, it opens up beautifully.
    Furthermore, it is beautifully made, keeps cool and did I say it was small? Prices are very competitive, and last, but not least: Sipko is a very nice guy, and his service is great.
    Highly recommended!

  14. Geert

    Ik heb de versterker in goede orde ontvangen en inmiddels een weekje in gebruik. Alles is volledig naar wens. De Yamaha’s NS-10’s waar ik de versterker voor gebruik staan bekend als schelle speakers tenzij je ze aan een echt goede versterker hangt. Nou, er is geen schelheid te bekennen! Bedankt voor je goede service, zeer snelle verzending en de kwaliteit van je versterker.

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