IOM 500m

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Stereo amplifier using Hypex, N-Core Class D amplification. It delivers 2 x 500W and mounted in our custom made black enclosure.



The IOM NCore 500m is an affordable 500W stereo amplifier based on the Hypex nc502mp board. Mp stands for mains powered; the powersupply of the amplifier is integrated with the amp, both on the same board. That is why we call it the 500m. It’s housed in a full aluminum chassis with balanced & unbalanced inputs (selectable).

There is an optional 2 * 16 amp switch board available that protects your speakers for undesired switch-on & switch-off phenomena; the speakers are connected to the amplifier with a dely and are disconnected just before the amplifier is turned off. The amp is turned off with a delay of 1 second.

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IOM 500m features:

  • Hypex nc502mp board
  • Full anodized aluminum enclosure, 6mm & 5mm thick parts
  • Rhodium plated binding posts (if you prefer other; pls. send a mail with your request)
  • Balanced (XLR) Neutrik & unbalanced (RCA) stereo inputs (selectable)
  • Selectable illuminated ON/OFF-switch settings (white light): normal/dimmed/off
  • Standard 4V to 12V trigger input on-board, input at the back


  • This product is made/assembled & shipped within 1 week after ordering. 
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Additional information

Weight 5.000 kg
Dimensions 21.4 × 30 × 7 cm
Output power

2 x 500W into 4 Ohm
2 x 300W into 8 Ohm

basic or relay board (+€60)

basic, with relay board

basic or full aluminum (+€15)

rubber feet, full aluminum feet

Standby power


On power

5W (power-on, no audio)

Mains voltage

230V/115V auto select

Trigger input

between 5V to 12V trigger signal the amp can be ON/OFF controlled

Input connector

Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA). Switchable.


1 x IOM Stereo amplifer
1 x Mains powercable (EU)



3 reviews for IOM 500m

  1. John (verified owner)

    Communication & shipping were prompt. The amp itself is wonderful; feels very solid without being overwhelmingly large and it’s breathed new life into speakers I was thinking about selling and am now enjoying more than ever. Incredible value, great product, highly recommend.

  2. R. (verified owner)

    The amp has arrived. Short and sweet: “Sehr geil:)”

    The decision wasn’t difficult. Hello IOM Hypex, bye bye Rotel…

  3. Tom (verified owner)

    Op 12 mei de IOM500M aangeschaft als upgrade van de Bluesound Powernode 2i. Eerst nog de powernode als voorversterker gebruikt ondanks deze zeer ongebruikelijke aansluiting was toch direct merkbaar dat laag, volume en transparantie aanmerkelijk verbeterde.

    Daarna de nieuwe Arendal’s 1723 THX towers aangesloten en weer een grote update in geluid transparantie en spreiding en strak laag.

    Nu de power node er is tussen uitgehaald en de versterker rechtstreeks met een WIIM mini verbonden en ondanks TI dac weer een verbetering met name in het laag.

    Het wachten is nu de nieuwe Dac en streamer dit moet een feestje worden.

    Al met al zeer tevreden met de versterker en met de service van IOM.

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