IOM Select

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Our 3-channel pre-amplifier matching the Ncore.

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The IOM Select is a passive 3 channel pre-amplifier, matching our IOM Ncore.

For selection we applied a very nice  3-channel selector (brand: EIZZ), we think a nice piece of equipment and matching our requirements.

The volume control unit is the well known motorized Alps Rk27 controlled by our in house developed control circuit (ESP32 based).  It is a motorized volume knop that can also be controlled manually. Beause it is motorized there is a clear visual feedback on the volume level via the knob-position; we like it simple.

To match the full aluminium housing of the IOM Select we offer an optional aluminum remote control. This one is milled out of a block aluminum; very solid. With this remote you can control the volume and turn the system on/off. A trigger output is also availlable, so when a poweramp is connected via this output your complete system is automatically turned on/off.

The power supply of the IOM Select is external/non-integrated to prevent any interference. This power supply is only powering the ESP & motor (and so zero importance on the sound quality).

IOM Select features:

  • Full anodized aluminum enclosure, black
  • Full aluminum remote control, black
  • 3 sets unbalanced (RCA) stereo inputs
  • Input impedance 10k ohm
  • Suitable for 230V or 115V mains
  • 2 sets 12V trigger output on-board (2 sets for double mono set-up)

This product is made/assembled & shipped within 2 weeks after ordering. The IOM Control housing is our own exclusive IOM design. 
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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 21.4 × 21.4 × 55 cm

3 sets unbalanced (RCA) inputs


1 x IOM Select
1 x Mains 12V power supply
1 x Remote




without remote, with remote


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